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8 Tips for Maintaining Engagement on Facebook in 2023

Marketing for a small business can be challenging at times. With so many platforms one can get a little overwhelmed. We often see businesses try to jump on the newest social media network in order to be ahead of the competition but is that really the solution? One thing is for sure- you should never ignore the following that you currently have and for most of us that following is on good ol’ Facebook. If you’re like many out there it seems like you hit a wall when it comes to keeping your engagement numbers high. With that said we have come up with a handy little list of tips for maintaining engagement on your Facebook business page:

  1. Post regularly: Keep your audience engaged by posting regularly. Consistency is key in building an engaged audience.

  2. Use visuals: Use eye-catching visuals such as images, videos, and infographics to grab attention and increase engagement.

  3. Ask questions: Ask your followers questions to encourage interaction and discussion. People love to share their opinions, and it can spark interesting conversations.

  4. Respond to comments and messages: Be sure to respond to comments and messages in a timely manner. This shows your followers that you care about them and value their input.

  5. Run contests or giveaways: Running contests or giveaways can be a great way to increase engagement and attract new followers.

  6. Share user-generated content: Share content created by your followers, such as photos or testimonials. This not only shows that you appreciate their support, but it can also encourage others to engage with your page

  7. Use Facebook Live: Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your followers in real-time. You can use it to showcase new products, answer questions, or provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business.

  8. Monitor your analytics: Keep an eye on your analytics to see what types of posts are resonating with your audience. This can help you refine your content strategy and improve engagement over time.

Don’t forget that Facebook is a “social” network. You don’t always have to sell, sell, sell. Often times we get so distracted by selling our services and products that we forget about our customers. No one wants to tune in to a never ending infomercial. Keep things fun and entertaining and you’ll see how your following increases!

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