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Social Media 101

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I used to say that you had to be living under a rock to not realize how important social media platforms were for businesses. As I worked with several businesses I quickly realized that many organizations did indeed have social media pages, but they were so awfully managed that it was doing them more harm than good. Here are a couple of Social Media 101 tips that I share with my clients.

Stick to a Schedule

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram want you to post regularly and when you stop for a couple of days they tend to penalize you by not serving your posts to the majority of your followers. Posting on social media should not take more than an hour a day. There really is no excuse for leaving your feed blank. Create a calendar with daily social media goals.


Monday- Informative article

Tuesday- Funny segment

Wednesday- Run a poll asking for feedback

You get the point…

Sell Sell Sell- Oh Wait...

As entrepreneurs, we are all about selling our products/services but when done too often you will begin to sound more like a nuisance on the feed. Instead, try posting articles and funny material that your followers can relate to. Selling baby products? Post a funny parenting quote. Running a lawn care company? Post a good article (ideally from your own blog) with tips on how to take care of your lawn.

You may be asking yourself “Why would I waste time posting something that won’t bring money into the bank?”

It’s simple.

Interact With Your Followers

The fear that I hear frequently is “What if people start leaving bad reviews on social media?”

Although that shouldn’t be the case because your business should be running perfectly (yeah right), you will encounter a bad review every once in a while. DO NOT DELETE OR HIDE IT. Instead, take this as an opportunity to shine! Reply to the customer in a very professional manner and ask them to DM you the info so that your team can correct the problem immediately. It’s not about not making mistakes. It’s about having people see that your customer service is on top of things and if things were to go wrong with a purchase, you aren’t going to disappear into the abyss with their hard-earned money.

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