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SEO/UX Audit

This limited time SEO/UX Audit Package includes everything below. Don't miss out! Only $599

Technical Analysis

This checks for issues impacting a website's visibility in search engines. It includes site speed, mobile-friendliness, security (HTTPS), crawl errors, and more.

Off-Page Analysis

Evaluation of external factors like backlinks and social media presence. Quality, quantity, and relevance of backlinks are crucial.

User Experience (UX) Review

Analyzing factors that affect how users interact with your site, like navigation, layout, and call-to-actions

On-Page Analysis

We review elements like keywords, content quality and relevance, headers, meta tags, and URL structure. It's about ensuring that each page is optimized for target keywords and user experience.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding how your site stacks up against competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and discovering opportunities.

SEO Strategy Review

Assessing the current SEO strategy, if one exists, and suggesting improvements or new strategies.

Report and Recommendations

A comprehensive report summarizing findings and providing actionable recommendations.

Abstract Background


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