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Navigating the New LSA Verification: A Guide for Law Firms

lsa changes for law firms

At Julixa Media, we prioritize keeping our law firm clients well-informed and ahead of the curve in the dynamic digital environment, especially regarding Google Local Service Ads (LSAs). Significant updates to the verification process for LSAs were introduced by Google on March 4, 2024, which specifically affect the legal industry. As a distinguished digital marketing agency for law firms, our goal is to ensure you are fully updated and capable of optimizing your online visibility.

This article explores the recent adjustments to Google LSAs verification and provides tailored advice for lawyers to navigate these changes effectively. To maintain your law firm’s online visibility, continue reading, and feel free to reach out to us at Julixa Media by calling (561) 816-5287 to arrange a complimentary 15-minute discovery session.

Understanding LSAs in Law Firm Marketing

LSAs have become an essential component of digital marketing strategies for law firms aiming to attract local clientele. This advertising model enhances visibility for legal services in specific geographic areas and works alongside traditional marketing efforts to provide cost-efficient exposure. LSAs are particularly beneficial for law firms, allowing them to highlight their expertise and services, thus fostering growth and credibility locally.

The strategic use of LSAs helps law firms differentiate themselves in a crowded market. By positioning themselves as knowledgeable and experienced, attorneys can generate more inquiries and client engagements through these targeted ads, significantly impacting their online presence and client acquisition.

2024 LSA Verification Updates for Lawyers

Previously, the verification process for LSAs included comprehensive background checks for both law firms and their marketing partners. Google has since simplified this requirement, now only requiring proof of an attorney’s Bar License, which addresses issues of impersonation within the industry.

The recent update introduces a streamlined ID verification step through Evident, a recognized identity verification provider. Law firms must ensure that both the firm’s owner or a senior partner and any featured lawyers undergo this verification by submitting a government-issued ID. Accuracy in the name on the form is crucial to avoid delays.

Legal service advertisers need to complete this new verification within 60 days upon notification from Google, or risk having their LSAs removed from search results. This update aims to safeguard potential clients and law firms from fraudulent activities, enhancing the efficacy and security of LSAs.

Key Considerations for Law Firm LSAs

1. Ensure all featured lawyers have valid and active email addresses linked to their LSAs.

2. If there are changes to your law firm's address, update both your Google Business Profile and LSA profile to maintain consistency and visibility.

Next Steps for Law Firms Aiming for Continued Online Visibility

Law firms will be notified by Google about the upcoming verification process, starting with a preliminary email seven days before the initiation. The verification involves detailed instructions to be followed to maintain ad visibility.

Failure to comply with the verification timeline can result in the removal of LSAs from search results, emphasizing the importance of prompt action.

Why This Matters to Your Law Firm

This updated verification process is critical in protecting your law firm from impersonation scams, potentially enhancing the quality of your leads and improving the overall return on your digital marketing investments.

How Julixa Media Can Assist Your Firm

Our experience and proven success with LSAs position Julixa Media as your ideal partner in navigating these updates. We offer comprehensive guidance and optimization of your LSA profiles, conduct competitive analyses, and enhance bidding strategies to ensure your law firm stands out and attracts more clients.

By leveraging our expertise, your law firm can smoothly adapt to Google’s new LSA verification requirements, ensuring continued success and visibility in the digital landscape.


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